Ratan Villas Resort

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Nestled away from the bustling streets of Delhi, on a sprawling estate shaded by a lush canopy of trees, you’ll discover Ratan Vilas, a hidden gem for a weekend getaway near Delhi. As you wander through the majestic pillars of this former family mansion, you’ll find yourself transported to an era of Rajput nobility and rich history. This Best Resort offers an intimate and personalized experience with just 21 impeccably designed rooms. Some rooms feature luxurious marble tubs, while others boast idyllic verandas where you can unwind in privacy. You can indulge in Indian culinary delights under the open sky on the terrace or in the cozy restaurant. Additionally, there’s a boutique where you can browse for unique trinkets and curios as souvenirs of your tranquil escape. A shimmering blue pool invites you to spend lazy afternoons lounging by its side, adding to the oasis of tranquility that Ratan Vilas offers. Like the décor of the hotel, the cuisine is a fusion of traditional Indian flavors and continental dishes. Each dish served here is a testament to the culinary heritage, with recipes passed down through generations, ensuring a delightful dining experience. For a serene weekend getaway near Delhi, Ratan Vilas is your haven of relaxation, where you can immerse yourself in history, savor exquisite cuisine, and bask in the tranquility of this Luxury Resort.

INR 10,500*/-

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